Watch Guts Morph Through a Hundred Panels of Berserk in Commercial

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Since its premiere in 1989, Berserk has spanned about 6,000 pages of manga, tracing many plot arcs and the evolution of Guts into a hardened, furious warrior. It might take a while to catch up with the latest volume, its 38th, which was published on June 24. Instead, you could watch this 15-second video.

The video combines images of Guts from throughout his 27-year saga, using roughly 100 panels to create the illusion of a morphing warrior. The video was directed by Kenji Tomita, and its animation director, Baku Hashimoto, also directed the ending of The Perfect Insider.

Another video by the same team combines Berserk with two other manga serialized in Young Animal: March comes in like a lion and Nobunaga no Shinobi. The connection is that all three lead characters are "fighting," although in different ways (Guts as a swordsman, Rei as a shōgi player, and Chidori as a ninja).

Berserk has returned as a currently airing anime TV series. Brittany Vincent has written an overview of the anime incarnations of Berserk to summarize the story less frenetically.

Sources: Comic Natalie and Baku Hashimoto website

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