Voice Actress Yuko Miyamura Announces Divorce

posted on 2016-07-18 19:20 EDT by Amanda Ellard
Miyamura voices Evangelion's Asuka

Yuko Miyamura, the voice of Evangelion's Asuka Langley, announced her plans for a divorce on Twitter on Monday.

She writes in a series of tweets,

"Soon I'm going to Japan ~ I'm so happy!

From there, I want to see Japanese fireworks!

After that, I want to walk to go eat ramen.

After that, I want to put in the divorce papers. Cheers to me for 12 years."

In response to a tweet expressing concern for her daughter, she added. "Thank you for your concern. However, the decision is for the sake of my children, so my daughter, my son and I will do our best!"

Miyamura married stuntman Takayuki Seki in 2004. She was previously married to D. Nakatani.

Miyamura moved to Australia in 2009 with her family. In addition to Asuka, she has voiced Kazuha Tōyama in Detective Conan, and Chun-Li and Rose in the "Street Fighter Alpha/Zero" and "Street Fighter EX" videogames. She also sang Neon Genesis Evangelion's ending theme, "Fly Me To The Moon," and collaborated on songs with Susumu Hirasawa, composer of the Berserk soundtrack.

Sources: Yuko Miyamura's Twitter, Sponichi Annex via Yaraon Blog

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