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Studio Trigger Fukuoka Animates Kirin Beer Ad

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Trigger's Fukuoka studio premiered a series of animated ads on Tuesday to promote Kirin Beer's fruity Hyoketsu (freezing) alcoholic beverage line. Trigger animator alum Keiichi Honda (Space Patrol Luluco) directed the animation in the commercial and designed the characters while Trigger studio founder Kazuya Matsumoto served as animation producer.

The commercial follows two pairs, an older sister named Anna who loves anime and works as a game illustrator and her younger sister Saki who is following her dreams as an entertainer by working as a voice actress and idol. Tatsuya is a fan of the game that Anna provides designs for and Saki voices one of the characters. His friend Chihiro shares a business interest in mobile games.

The animators couldn't help but throw in a few references to their other series. If you look closely, Chief Overjustice and Alpha Omega from Space Patrol Luluco make cameos.

Anna: Hmm… something like this?
Anna: Oh, wasn't my little sister's audition today?
Saki: Please treat me kindly.
Anna: I wonder if it went alright.
Text message (Saki): Sis! I passed my voice actress audition!
Text message (Anna): Wow! That's great! Congratulations.
Text message (Anna): You worked hard.
Text message (Saki): Thanks!!
Text message (Saki): Justice!
Anna: Alright, I won't give up.
Anna: I'll keep doing my best a little longer.
Tatsuya: This game is really fun!
Chihiro: Really?
Tatsuya: I'm totally addicted to it!
Chihiro: He said that, but it is actually really fun.
Game: I'll do my best! Leave it to me!
Text message (Tatsuya): Want to go see her live? It's at the end of next week.
Game: I'll be waiting!
Tatsuya: Today's concert was the best! Cheers!
Tatsuya: That was great.
Text at top of screen: One year since the audition…
Saki: I'm so tired!
Anna: You worked hard.
Saki: This is interesting, isn't it?

The commercials are a collaboration between Trigger and Animate Cafe's GUILD commercial distribution company. Voice actors Ai Kayano and Shintarō Asanuma provide the voices and composer kz wrote the song "Cheers!" for livetune+ with singer Anna Yano.

The commercials are kicking off a social media campaign for August. Twitter users can retweet the commercial video to win an autographed t-shirt and 24-pack of Hyoketsu. The shirt is autographed by Kayano and Asanuma.

Earlier in June, the Matsuno sextuplets appeared in a campaign for SUNTORY's All-Free non-alcoholic beer.

Source: Anime! Anime!

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