Wrestling Voice Actress Ai Shimizu Reveals Marriage to Ring Announcer

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Voice Actress Ai Shimizu (Minawa in Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful, Serafall in High School DxD New, Road in D.Gray-man) announced on her Twitter on August 2 that she is now married to DDT Pro-Wrestling's ring announcer Maiku Inoue.

The post reads:

"The report- This time, I, Ai Shimizu, and #ddtpro ring announcer and @Bar_swandive manager Maiku Inoue (@maikuinoe) took the next step and got married. From here on out, I would like to ask for your unyielding guidance."

Also in the post are three images, including a more in-depth letter signed from both Shimizu and Inoue.

"To everyone who has always helped us,

We, Maiku Inoue and Ai Shimizu, wanted to tell everyone that we got married.

From here on, I think I would like to build a strong family with the two of us. From now on into the future, I look forward to your guidance and support.

Thank you for always cheering us on warmly. Thanks to this...finally...even though it's me...we were able to get married!

Even though this may be expressed as the 'finish line,' it's not the goal; the gong has only just rung for the start of our tag match. We are still two inexperienced people, but, no matter what formidable enemies show up as our opponents, hand-in-hand together we will struggle to confront them. From here on out, thank you and we look forward to many years to come with you all.

Maiku Inoue

Ai Shimizu"

Shimizu has been involved with the pro-wrestling scene since 2013, when she participated in a pro-wresting event. She has since trained in lucha libre and on July 3 she won her first belt in a three-way match at the Triangle Ribbon Championship.

Source: Ai Shimizu's Twitter

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