Pikachu Statue Mysteriously Appears Overnight in New Orleans Park

posted on by Amanda Whalen

In an act of guerilla art, a statue of the iconic electric-type Pokémon Pikachu was installed overnight in the Coliseum Square Park in New Orleans. Authorities are at a loss to explain it, especially since the statue looks quite heavy.

The statue was placed on top of an old, unused fountain, and it appears to be made of fiberglass, with a cement base. Early photos of the statue also show a piece of wood that reads, "Hope you like it! Have fun in N.O.! -Sophie."

Already, the statue is attracting lots of visitors, many of whom are taking to social media to share images of the new "Pokémonument."

The #pokemonument in Coliseum Square Park in #NOLA. So cool. #gottacatchemall

A photo posted by Jessica Ports Robbins (@freyja.79) on

Obligatory #pokemonument post. Good job, Sophie, whoever you are. Guerrilla art at its finest.

A photo posted by Kate Smart (@kosmart) on

What a time to be alive. #pokemonument #pikachu #coliseumpark #gardendistrict #followyournola #BeATouristNOLA

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Since the statue was placed without permission, it could technically be considered an act of vandalism, but so far officials seem unconcerned. The New Orleans Police department has said that is has no plans to remove the statue at this time, despite having no idea where it came from.

Source: The Guardian, Time

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