America's 1st Pokémon Go Master Interviewed in Japan

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Nick Johnson, America's first Pokémon Go master, is currently in Japan or a media tour. Johnson was the first to catch the 142 available in the United States in late July, mere weeks after the game launched. After his success stateside, Marriott Rewards and Expedia sponsored his trip to catch the remaining region-specific Pokémon in France, Australia, and Hong Kong.

When asked how it feels to capture Pokémon all over the world, Johnson replied, "It's been pretty incredible to travel all around the world with Expedia to places I've never been and places I thought I'd never have a chance to return to, to catch Pokemon. It's been pretty awesome."

Londoner Ahmed Ali also caught all 145 Pokémon, allegedly two weeks after the game was released. He traveled to the U.S. to get Tauros but was lucky enough to get the other region-specific monsters via eggs. Ali is waiting for confirmation from Niantic to see if he's the first to complete the game's Pokédex.

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