Book of Inspirational Quotes from Pokémon Planned for Fall

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A Pokémon-themed inspirational book titled The Pokémon Book of Joy will be released this fall, capitalizing on the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon series as well as the surge of interest that has followed the release of the wildly popular smartphone game Pokémon Go.

The book will contain illustrations and inspirational quotes from an assortment of popular Pokémon and characters that will, "set you on a personal journey of enlightenment to master your own Pokémon."

It will be published by Century in the UK and by Del Rey in the U.S. . A listing for the UK version of the book has already appeared on Amazon, and it shows a release date of September 22, and a price of £9.99 (US$13.13). It describes the book as being hardcover and 300 pages long. Details may be subject to change and may vary for the U.S. release of the title.

Ben Brusey of Century said, "We're thrilled to be publishing the official Pokémon Book of Joy, which will undoubtedly be the perfect gift for the Jigglypuff obsessive in your life this autumn. It will be enjoyed by readers of all ages, and will appeal to everyone who grew up with the game the first time, as well as the millions who have fallen in love with the characters since."

Source: The Bookseller, Licensing Source, Amazon UK

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