Voice Talents Yukari Fukui, Iku Nakahara, Natsuki Hanae Announce Individual Marriages

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Yukari Fukui (Gurren Lagann's Nia, Kill La Kill's Sukuyo Mankanshoku, High School of the Dead's Shizuka Marikawa) announced on August 28 that she and Tablier Communications Corporation director Kenji Yamamoto entered their names into the family registry. She added on her blog,

"In a relationship of two people it cannot be helped that they are inexperienced as a spouse, but, I think that it is good that two people, joining forces, can overcome various things while celebrating the happy, calm everyday life.

Iku Nakahara, voice of Namine in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, also announced her marriage plans. ANN was at the final "Kingdom Hearts First Breath" concert in Osaka on August 28, where Nakahara stated that she is getting married in September. Nakahara and Ryotaro Okiayu, voice of Terra, performed a script reading together at the event of a short scenario written by Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura for the concerts. The scenario ties into the 0.2 part of Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Okiayu, Nomura, and Yoko Shimomura, who created the soundtrack for the series, were present at the event and congratulated Nakahara.

Voice actor Natsuki Hanae, popularly known for playing Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul and Taichi Kamiya in Digimon Adventure Tri, also got married earlier this month. He shared the news on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting radio's "A & G TRIBAL RADIO Edison," which runs Saturdays at 9 p.m, and then after on his official Twitter. He added,

"I was glad I was able to share the news directly from my own mouth. I received a lot of congratulations from the fans, other colleagues, my seniors, and everyone on the staff; I actually felt supported by everyone...from now on too, because I will continue to work hard without changing the way it has been from up until now, I look forward to it and thank you!"

Source: Otakomu, Oricon Style

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