P.A. Works Asks 'Man at Arms' Crew to Create Kuromukuro Sword

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Animation production company P.A. Works approached the blacksmiths at Baltimore Knife & Sword to recreate Kennosuke Tokisada Ōma's sword from their current anime series Kuromukuro. The staff of Baltimore Knife & Sword regularly appear in the web series "Man at Arms: Reforged" where they have recreated Trunks' sword from Dragon Ball Z, Voltron's blazing sword, Erza Scarlet's sword and armor from Fairy Tail , Asuna's rapier from Sword Art Online, Excalibur from Fate/stay night, and Ryūko Matoi's scissor blade from Kill la Kill, along with many others.

P.A. Works sent Tamahagane, high quality Japanese steel, to the shop specifically for the creation of the weapon.

Man at Arms: Reforged is a sequel to Man at Arms, which was hosted by the shop Sword and Stone. Both shows are available in their entirety on the AweMe YouTube channel.

Thanks to Jc Ciolli for the news tip

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