Anthropomorphisized Model Kit Nippers 'Nipa-ko' Gets Manga Series

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Japan has made it very clear over the years that literally anything can be reimagined as a cute boy or girl. Companies have created princes out of cocktails, gum, and obscure Egyptian gods and princesses from cigarettes, electronic appliances, and of course, warships.

The newest anthro character to be put in the spotlight is Nipa-ko, the mascot for GodHand Tools' "Ultimate Nipper", a full-flush nippers used for model building. Nipa-ko was created in 2013 and boasts a large white ribbon on her head to emulate the teeth of the nippers and voluminous twin-tails to represent the handles. Although she's known as "Nipa-ko," her real name is Celine P. Nippanu and she's an alien princess.

The character's backstory is inspiring a comedy manga series titled Kyūkyoku! Nipa-ko-chan (Ultimate! Nipa-ko-chan) about the alien princess settling in on Earth. It will also introduce the new character Rajiko. pixiv artist Yūji Kōji is launching the series on October 30 on Mag Garden's MAGCOMI site. New chapters will go up three times a month.

Source: Anime! Anime!

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