Mr. Osomatsu Brothers Receive XYLISH Makeover for New Gum Flavors

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A collaborative effort between Mr. Osomatsu and Meiji's XYLISH Mint Assortment gum brings you the new "Sukkiri-matsu-san" (refreshing-matsu-san) limited edition gum flavors and new designs for the brothers.

Besides the Mr. Osomatsu gum, Meiji is also holding drawings for special Mr. Osomatsu XYLISH design products. In order to apply to enter the drawing, you first purchase one of the gum packs then upload an image of the receipt to the online application. You may re-apply multiple times.

Worth one point are the Xylish Fruit Assorted 12 Tablets and the Xylish Mint Assorted 12 Tablets packs. Worth 6 points are the larger Xylish Rainbow Assorted Bottles and the Xylish Mint Assorted Bottles.

With 6 points you can apply for the drawing for an Xylish assortment design body pillow in either the mint assortment package design or the rainbow package design. 50 people will win every month for 6 months for a total of 300 people.

With one point you can apply for an allowance of 2,000 yen (US$19.66) from the Matsuno family in the form of a decorated QUO card. 200 people will win each month for 6 months for a total of 1,200 winners.

In addition, there will be the possibility of winning a random original Mr. Osomatsu digital wallpaper at the time of application.

The application period spans from September 20 to March 17 and valid receipts will be those from September 1 to March 17. The first batch of winners will be drawn in October. The deadline for applying to be included in a specific month's drawing period is the last day of the month (except for the March 17 final deadline).

Other recent Osomatsu-styled products include Mr. Osomatsu pine bonsai trees, incense, and room fresheners for the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair and Super Groupies' ladies' underwear sets and chokers colored after the six brothers.

Lotte transformed its gum flavors into handsome boyfriends.

Source: Nijimen

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