UnColle Toilet App Asks Users About Their 'Business'

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Japan has a certain fascination with poop. Play with some Japanese children for five minutes, and the subject is bound to come up. But it's not only kids that obsess over "number two." Japan's world of adults is also liable to utilize poo-shaped characters and the like.

The Japan Unko Society, a group dedicated to educating the public on the relation between bowel movements and overall health, launched a campaign to promote health while appealing to otaku interests. The Unko Collection or "UnColle" campaign introduced cute 2D girls as personifications of intestinal bacteria. Last year, the girls appeared on an itasha-style toilet at the Niconico Chokaigi event.

The campaign promoted its smartphone app at this year's Tokyo Game Show, which was held in Chiba from September 15 to 18. Promotional images at the event showed screenshots of the game.

The worlds of moe girls and intestinal bacteria merge as the characters transform into warriors for the land of Untopia. The power of colon bacteria lies at the heart of the world, and the goal of the game is to protect the world's peace.

In the game, players interact with female anthropomorphized bacteria. Instead of asking users to pay money in exchange for cards of girls, the app takes information about the users stool, including width, color, and shape. Then the player receives digital cards in exchange.

The game is aimed at people over 40 years old. In fact, the game apparently begins by asking users if they are over 40 years old. The game's website explains that this is not because it's an erotic game, but because people of different age ranges have different health needs. People over 40 should receive medical support through their municipality or company under Japan's government regulations. But it's an individual responsibility for people under 40, and the game asks those people to get a medical checkup or use a handy home fecal analysis kit.

The emphasis is on health with this app, and The Japan Unko Society wants to make sure everyone knows it. In fact, there is a large, bold warning at the top of the game's website. It reminds people that "UnColle is not a game about anthropomorphized poop! UnColle is a game about anthropomorphized intestinal bacteria. Poop transforming into humanoid characters is not possible. Please be advised."

Pervs, stay away.

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