High School Students Design Tesla Coil That Plays K-ON! Theme

posted on by Eric Stimson

Cultural festivals are a staple of Japanese high school life, giving students an opportunity to plan and execute complex tasks and demonstrate their organizational ability. Most opt for something like a snack stand or a haunted house, but Takatsuki High School's Electric Physics Club chose to do something cooler: a Tesla coil that plays the opening theme to K-ON! Season 2, "GO! GO! MANIAC."

Tesla coils are high-voltage alternating-current transformer circuits often used for educational displays. Since electricity can create sounds by expanding and vibrating the air around it (think of lightning), they can also be programmed to play music. Hence this electronic take on the K-ON! song.

The same performance, but from a different angle.

EDIT: Here is a YouTube video of the performance. Thanks, Dragonmastr!

Source: Hamster Sokuhō

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