Pokémon Fans Aren't Ready to Tell Serena Goodbye

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Our intreprid protagonist is really growing up. In episode 47 of Pokémon XY & Z, Serena made her feelings to known to Ash in the frankest way possible. She's travelled with Ash since the start of Pokémon XY and has been a staple of Ash's crew for the last 140 episodes.

When all of it culminated into Ash's first, genuine romantic experience in 20 years, fans went nuts. Needless to say, quite a few aren't ready to say goodbye to Serena and her budding romance for good. A petition on by New York resident Junior Lopez has already gathered over 28,000 signatures in hopes of convincing the series' staff to send Serena to the Alola region for the Pokémon Sun & Moon anime series.

Whether Serena will appear in the new series remains doubtful. Judging by the latest extended trailer for the show, a green-haired girl named Mao from his classroom in Alola is already moving in on Ash and *gasp* holding his hand.

Unfortunately, bidding farewell to characters we've grown to care about is part of the territory that comes with Pokémon. Some of us still miss Brock and Misty!

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