'Gum Kare!' Chewing Gum Boyfriends Time Travel Through Hokkaido in New Campaign

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Lotte's "Gum Kare!" campaign about its personified gum brands that are “lovers for your mouth” is getting a fourth project. The campaign already inspired an idol-themed manga on the pixiv Comic website.

"Gum Kare! Time Leap Shūgakuryokō" (Gum Boyfriend! Time Travel School Trip) video stars the protagonist, a female high school student who suddenly becomes a tooth. She's watching her favorite idol group Geminica perform a concert on TV before rushing out the door to make in time for a school trip. As she leaves, the news announces that both idols are enrolling in high school. She runs into both of them but dashes off again, leaving behind her school trip guide. She makes it to the bus just in time to leave on the trip to Hokkaido.

The meaning of "time leap" and the role of the Geminica idols is still a mystery. The new characters represent Fruitio brand gum. Furū Kajitsu is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa and Tio Kajitsu is voiced by Ryota Ohsaka. The perform the song "Hitotsubu Innocent" heard at the start of the video.

Over the course of the campaign, the protagonist will use the official Twitter account to talk about where the group is on the trip along with pictures and videos.

Lotte began streaming an ending movie for the last wave of the "Gum Kare!" campaign in March. In the video, the tooth heroine interacts with the gum boys in a variety of environments.

Lotte launched the "Gum Kare!" project in 2014 and introduced their personified gum brands as “lovers for your mouth.” The gum boys are voiced by famous male voice talents that Lotte previewed in the promotional videos:

Yuuki Kaji as Acuo Seiryo (Acuo)

Acuo: Gum Kare!
Acuo: Is math class that boring? Heh... I guess seeing your spaced-out face from the seat next to you in class is my special privilege.
Text: Age: 17
Likes: The coolness of a department store in summer, cold water baths
Dislikes: Oppressive things, things that are a pain to do
Acuo: I'm thankful to whatever god out there that gave me this seat.
Acuo: A refreshing present for you. If we're at this distance, then even in class, you... Can feel my breath, right?
Tooth: Oh, A-Acuo-kun... I'm so embarrassed...
Sound Effect: Ba-bump!
All: Gum Kare! Who do you want to bite?

Kazuya Nakai as Black Shigeki (Black Black)

Black: Gum Kare!
Black: You sure had a comfortable-looking sleeping face, you know that? You OK? Lunch break is already over. Oh... Or are you going to skip?
Text: Age: 18
Likes: Small animals, the kind of person who is not wishy-washy
Dislikes: People who bully those weaker than themselves, people who sleep in class
Black: Huh? I'm... Well, I'm the kind of guy who isn't tied down by time.
Black: Stay here just a little more. ...Dummy. You're a woman who can't feel refreshed with anything else but my harsh mouth (a pun on 'harsh taste'), right?
Tooth: I really can't win against you, Black-senpai...
Sound Effect: Ba-bump!
All: Gum Kare! Who do you want to bite?

Tomokazu Sugita as Xylit Shirakaba (Xylitol)

Xylit: Gum Kare!
Xylit: Hey you! Yeah, you, yes, I mean you! Geez, that's mean of you to just keep on walking even though I'm calling your name!
Text: Age: 18
Likes: Everything beautiful, himself in the mirror
Dislikes: Cavities, people who aren't beautiful
Xylit: Oh, I get it! I was surrounded in girls, so you couldn't see me, huh? Hahaha! I am such a sinful guy...
Xylit: I came to invite you on an after-school date. Won't you dye your daily routine in me?
Xylit: Oh, Xylit-senpai! You are sooooo bold!
Sound Effect: Ba-bump!
All: Gum Kare! Who do you want to bite?

Kenichi Suzumura as Gren Shinryoku (Greengum)

Gren: Gum Kare!
Gren: I've found one tardy student... You again?
Text: Age: 17
Likes: Organized bookshelves, peaceful walks through the woods
Dislikes: Fingerprints on glasses, people with untucked shirts
Gren: How many times do I need to warn you about this until you're satisfied? I hope you don't think you can fool me.
Gren: Honestly... The me of late has been rather strange... As I continue to meet you... My mint... Begins to gain fragrance.
Tooth: Gren-kun... Could that mean that... You feel that way about me...?
Sound Effect: Ba-bump!
All: Gum Kare! Who do you want to bite?

Hiro Shimono as Fits Yawaraka (Fit's)

Fits: Gum Kare!
Fits: Hey lady, watch out! Phew... Crisis averted.
Text: Age: 16
Likes: Dancing while chewing gum, nice upperclassmen
Dislikes: Scary upperclassmen, being treated like a child
Fits: Geez. If I hadn't caught this ball, it would have gone BANG! Right into your head.
Fits: How was I? Did you think that I was a little manly? I'm not all fun and games, you know. ...So be ready.
Tooth: Geez...! You're saying that again, Fits-kun...?
Sound Effect: Ba-bump!
All: Gum Kare! Who do you want to bite?

The campaign also held a contest in 2014 to see who fans most want to bite. Fits Yawaraka, played by Shimono, won the popularity poll.

[Via Animate Times]

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