Character Designs for Four Ninja Rice Balls Unveiled

posted on by Eric Stimson
Yui no Shinobi game reaches 10,000 registrants

The upcoming card-based smartphone game Yui no Shinobi casts different flavors of rice balls as ninjas. Although silhouettes have recently been unveiled, the true human forms of these classic Japanese snacks have not been known... until now.

Marinated pollock roe transforms into Kara'aki Suketara. He is described as a cheerful, talkative and ostentatious guy. He says, "If you do just enough, something will come of it."

Tuna mayo, or Mayo Honmaguro ("Real Tuna"), seems to think very highly of himself. All he has to say is "My name, Mayo, means mayonnaise."

Hidaka Kobuya is the personification of kelp. He is described as a "glasses[-wearing] virgin" and says "My weapon is intelligence more than strength, but I plan to have enough power to put my intelligence to good use."

The final ninja to be introduced so far is Ao Tamagoishi, who represents egg. Described as a "two-faced angel," Ao tells us "As a yuinin (rice ball ninja), I'll do my best not to get in the way."

Other characters, including salted salmon roe and bonito flakes, remain mysterious; voice actors haven't been announced either. Meanwhile, to celebrate registering 10,000 players, the game is gifting registrants icons to use on Twitter.

Rice itself has also been anthropomorphized, although as female idols, not dashing ninja.

Source: Nijimen

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