Full-Graphic Evangelion Kimono Project Now Taking Orders

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Eva unit design chosen

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Fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion with a predilection for traditional Japanese fashion now have a chance to enjoy a rare treat: a furisode (long-sleeved) kimono featuring the Eva units.

Developed by Tokyo Otaku Mode, a website specializing in Japanese pop culture merchandise and now expanding into original product development, the kimono was designed with responses to a fan survey from 67 countries. Other designs focused on Evangelion's characters. While the dyeing process uses modern digital techniques, the cloth is cut and set by hand by a tailor in Fukuyama, a city with a prominent textile industry.

Only 100 of these kimono will be made; the price is $1,994, although it climbs to $2,138 with a hanger and $3,145 with a hanger and obi (sash). They are designed for women between the heights of 155 and 168 cm (5'1'' - 5'6''). They can be ordered worldwide through Tokyo Otaku Mode until December 28. They are expected to ship in January.

Hanger set

Hanger & double-woven obi set


(Note: Obi design may vary.)

Cheaper Evangelion yukata (more informal summer kimono) were offered by RumiRock in 2011. Evangelion characters have also been made into dolls wearing kimono.

Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode

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