Osomatsu-san, your name. Nominated for Top Buzzword of 2016

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The annual Ryūkōgo Taishō buzzword contest announced this year's 30 nominated terms on Thursday. "Osomatsu-san," "your name.," "Shin Godzilla," "SMAP breakup," "pilgrimage," and "Pokémon Go" made the cut. The awards will select the year's top ten buzzwords from among the 30 nominated words and announce the results on December 1.

The other 26 nominated words are:

  • Athletes First (a football agency that Dentsu purchased a 33% stake in)
  • new judgement (a term Shinzo Abe used to explain his delay of the consumption tax hike)
  • smartphone walking (a term for walking while looking at a smartphone)
  • Brexit (a term for the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union)
  • AI (abbreviation for artificial intelligence)
  • kamitteru (refers to god-like or superhuman achievements)
  • Kumamon Ganbare E (a term for drawings used to support Kumamoto and its mascot Kumamon)
  • Gesu furin (a term for scandal that refers to Becky's affair with a Gesu no Kiwami Otome band member)
  • I am Mr. Saito (a term implying arrogance that refers to comedian Tsukasa Saito)
  • Zika fever (a term for the Zika virus)
  • sentence spring (a literal translation of Shukan Bunshun's title that refers to Becky's scandal)
  • Takamatsu pair (a term for gold-medalist badminton players Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo)
  • Tokyo residents first (a term Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike used to describe her policy goals)
  • Trump phenomenon (a term for the political rise of Donald Trump)
  • Panama Papers (a term for files that documented tax havens and implicated scandals)
  • bikkuri pon (a term for suprise coined by the Asa ga Kita drama)
  • bunshunhō (a term for Shukan Bunshun magazine's scandal coverage)
  • PPAP (an abbreviation for Pikotaro's "PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen)" song)
  • "Didn't get a nursery school slot. Die, Japan." (refers to Japan's nursery school shortage)
  • (my) amore (refers to soccer player Yuto Nagatomo's proclamation of love for his girlfriend)
  • minus interest (a term for negative interest rates that refers to a monetary policy)
  • minpaku (a term for private homes used to lodge guests)
  • morido (a term for a layer of clean soil that refers to the delay in relocating Tokyo's Tsukiji market)
  • legacy (refers to Japan's potential benefits from hosting the 2020 Olympics)

Last year's nominated terms included "Love-Liver" and "Tōken jōshi," which refers to the female audience of browser game Tōken Ranbu.

Source: The Japan Times

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