Video Compares Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Trailer to Original Anime

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

The first full two-minute trailer for the live-action Ghost in the Shell film debuted at a Tokyo event on Sunday. It didn't take long for fans to find the anime inspirations for images in the new trailer. IGN began streaming a video on Tuesday that compares Production I.G's adaptation of Masamune Shirow's original cyber-police manga to the upcoming film starring Scarlett Johansson.

Warning: The video contains some images that may be NSFW.

While IGN admits it "took some liberties" in matching scenes, the video illustrates that the live-action filmmakers tried to mimic some of the anime's cuts closely. The live-action film will offer fans a chance to re-experience scenes from the anime in high definition. On the other hand, it offers a new take on some of the original content to avoid feeling visually redundant. When Paramount Pictures opens the film on March 31, fans will get to decide whether the live-action adaptation found a good balance of the two approaches.

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[Via SlashFilm]

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