Music Box Ornament Recreates Sailor Moon S Ending

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
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Items on Sailor Moon fans' holiday wish lists this year might include a Blu-ray/DVD box set, Usagi's bed covers, a 20th anniversary guidebook, Black Lady's earrings, or even a Proplica Sailor Moon Super S Kaleidomoon Scope. Bandai unveiled a new item to add to the list on Thursday.

The Proplica×Figuarts Zero chouette Tuxedo Mirage Memorial Ornament lets fans recreate the ending to the Sailor Moon S television anime that features the song "Tuxedo Mirage." The ornament plays both a "TV ending version" and a "music box version" of the song. Figures of Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity dance around the top of the ornament as the music plays.

LED lights illuminate the music box's "decoration plates," and create a waxing and waning moon on one of the panels. Each ornament comes with three types of replaceable decoration plates that feature illustrations of the Moon Castle, Sailor Guardians from the anime, and watercolor versions of the Sailor Guardians.

The music box ornament costs 9,180 yen (about US$81), and Bandai is accepting preorders now. Orders are slated to ship in May.

Akiko Kosaka composed "Tuxedo Mirage" and other songs for the original Sailor Moon television anime. She also composed the ending theme "Gekkō" for the 2014 anime Sailor Moon Crystal.

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