Smell Like a Skater With Yuri!!! On Ice Body Products

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
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From face cushions and Nendoroids to sweatshirts, the popular television anime Yuri!!! on Ice has already unveiled a variety of products to let fans experience their favorite characters in new ways. Now the Cozy Wave retail website is offering fans a chance to smell the "floral scents of love" through hand cream, body soaps, and fabric mists.

Hand Cream

Yuri Body Soap

Viktor Body Soap

Yūri Body Soap

Yuri Fabric Mist

Viktor Fabric Mist

Yūri Fabric Mist

The hand cream and body soaps let fans rub the characters' scents directly into their skin. The fabric mists eliminate bacteria and deodorize cloth objects around the house.

Each item costs 972 yen (about US$9), and Cozy Wave is accepting preorders until December 9. The products' regular sales will begin at the end of January.

Source: Anime! Anime!

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