Aya Hirano 'Might' Become Idol After Taking Online Quiz

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Everyone of a certain generation has taken more than a few Buzzfeed quizzes. Our Facebook feeds are full of friends' life-altering discoveries about what kind of breakfast sandwich or shōjo anime character the latest online quiz told them they are. Even celebrities dabble in the world of meaningless but entertaining personality quizzes. Voice actress, actress, and singer Aya Hirano shared her results from an online quiz on her official Twitter account on Sunday.

Hirano apparently took the the Line social networking and instant messaging app's "Anata wa Ikebo?" quiz that tells users about "what character [they] would be if [they] were voice actors."

The quiz told Hirano, who returned in September from studying abroad in New York, that she would be a "singing and dancing idol" character. The results said of the voice actress, "You are a normal girl at a glance, but you might be suited to be a 'singing and dancing idol' character! Your audience obsessed with your dances and songs will go out again and again, and when you have a concert, tickets become a total competition!"

Hirano is a lucky online quiz taker whose results are just so perfect that she had to share them on social media. She remarked, "Idol, huh.... I wonder if I should try to do my best one more time..... lol If I do, I'd say I want to try performing live." The voice actress posted the quiz results as a joke, and she reassured fans on Instagram on Monday that she will continue with her career as planned. She said, "Being able to do voice actress work now is my number one happiness."

The personality quiz apparently failed to realize that the voice actress has already completed her fair share of live performances. Hirano began acting as a child, but she received her big break when she starred in the title role of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime series. She has performed theme songs for anime such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Fairy Tail, and Lucky Star, another television series for which she headlined. Her other anime roles include Kiddy Grade's Lumière, Death Note's Misa, Fairy Tail's Lucy, Eyeshield 21's Mamori, Parasyte -the maxim-'s Migi, and Gatchaman Crowds's Paiman.

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