Chocolate Instant Noodles Celebrate Valentine's Day in Japan

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Myojo Foods, a subsidiary of Cup Noodles maker Nissin Foods, released shortcake-flavored yakisoba noodles in its Ippei-chan Yomise no Yakisoba line in December. The dried noodle package includes a "beam" of vanilla mayonnaise. Although the concoction seems to have garnered a less than stellar reception, Ippei-chan recently unveiled its next sweet installment: chocolate-flavored yakisoba.

The yakisoba (fried buckwheat) noodles contain cocoa powder. The salty chocolate sauce with "mystery chocolate cubes" incorporates cocoa powder and vanilla-flavored oil.

Myojo Foods will release the noodles on January 9 to celebrate Valentine's Day. Each package will retail for 180 yen (about US$2).

Soy sauce- and curry-flavored ice cream treats debuted at Nissin's Cup Noodles Museum in 2015. Nissin Foods has also offered many anime, game, and live-action franchise tie-ins alongside its impressive samurai commercials.

Potato stew-flavored soupsicles, anyone? For those adventurous souls who enjoy juxtaposed sweet-meets-savory flavor combinations, Japan's Gari Gari-kun line of popsicles offers creative treats. The ice pop brand has released flavors like corn potage and Neopolitan pasta.

Source: Livedoor News via Hachima Kikō

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