Pokémon Gets Cherry Blossom Merch for Spring

posted on 2017-01-08 13:45 EST by Jennifer Sherman
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Japan has a long history of hanami (flower viewing) in springtime. People gather under sakura (cherry blossom) trees to eat, drink, and enjoy each other's company. Pokémon is getting in on the action this year with a new line of spring-themed cherry blossom items.

The official Pokémon website unveiled the hanami merchandise line in December. A male Pikachu and female Pikachu, who are apparently a romantic couple, often appear on merchandise at Pokémon Center stores. The cute duo returned on Sunday when the product line launched at Pokémon Center locations throughout Japan. The Pichu, Jugglypuff, Clefairy, the Sunshine Form of Cherrim, and many more of their friends join the fun.

Here is the goods lineup:

Resin cup spring color A
520 yen (about US$4)

Resin cup spring color B
520 yen (about US$4)

Resin plates spring color A (set of 2)
1,000 yen (about US$9)

Resin plates spring color B (set of 2)
1,000 yen (about US$9)

Sticky notes spring color A
400 yen (about US$3)

Sticky notes spring color B
400 yen (about US$3)

Boxed memo pad spring color
850 yen (about US$7)

Ring notebook spring color pink
600 yen (about US$5)

Ring notebook spring color green
600 yen (about US$5)

Stickers spring color pink
700 yen (about US$6)

Stickers spring color green
700 yen (about US$6)

PM hand cream G spring color cherry-blossom scent
750 yen (about US$6)

PM lip cream G spring color cherry-blossom scent
560 yen (about US$5)

Other items in the line include a blanket, acrylic keychains, pouches, hand towels, masking tape, and lunch bags.

If things go well for Mr. and Ms. Pikachu, perhaps they can throw a Pokémon-themed wedding. Would it be strange for Pikachu to say "I choose you" with a ring of himself?

[Via Nijimen]

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