1,500 People Attend Girls und Panzer Character Kay's Birthday Party

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The Girls und Panzer setting town of Ōarai, Ibaraki held a birthday party for the character Kay on Saturday. The actual birthday of the Saunders Girls High School's Sensha-Dō team commander is January 17, but that did not stop fans from celebrating three days early. About 1,500 people attended Kay's birthday party in the town's northern Isohama area.

The event was held in the parking lot of the Ōarai branch of the Ibaraki Prefecture Credit Union. The seafood processing and sales shop Iiokaya Fisheries organized the celebration. The event featured a special birthday cake, and visitors sang the "Happy Birthday" song to Kay.

Ryū Matsumoto, head of Iiokaya Fisheries' sales department, said, "I'm really happy that this many people came. I want to think about a fun project for next year's birthday, too."

The Ōarai High School Marching Band's alumni group Kiyomitsu Band also performed at the event. Ibaraki's Mito HollyHock soccer team member Akihisa Okada signed autographs, and people could take pictures with the team mascot Holly.

Ōarai has held numerous collaborative campaigns and events for Girls und Panzer. Official Girls und Panzer ambassador and pro wrestler Masahiro Chōno launched a promotional project the town's mascot character last month.

The town has become an anime pilgrimage site, and Girls und Panzer received the Grand Prize for improving Ibaraki Prefecture's image in 2013. The anime participates in the annual Ōarai Anglerfish Festival, and its contributions, such as itasha cars, helped to draw 100,000 visitors to the event in 2013.

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