Pawn Stars' Chumlee Appears in Little Witch Academia Anime

posted on 2017-01-24 18:55 EST by Jennifer Sherman

The third episode of the Little Witch Academia television anime premiered on Sunday, and it seems to feature a character inspired by Austin "Chumlee" Russell from History Channel's Pawn Stars reality show. In the episode, a shop keeper bears a striking resemblance to Chumlee and even has similar arm tattoos.

Redditors were quick to notice the resemblance and post comparison pictures:

Twitter user @chehade informed Russell of his cameo, and the television personality issued a simple response.

Redditors also noticed that characters in the episode seem to be watching Inferno Cop. Studio Trigger has produced animation for both series, and the studio announced a separate crossover project in 2015.

If anime creators are looking for other excuses to include Chumlee in their works, Tama-Pawns might be the perfect project. The series of anime shorts is set in set in a pawn shop on an alternate animal world.

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