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Male College Students Rank Final Fantasy Heroines as Girlfriends

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

MyNavi's Freshers website geared towards college students preparing to enter the working world conducted a poll in January that asked male students which Final Fantasy heroine they want as a girlfriend. The survey was limited to 200 participants. Here are the top five results listed by the percentage of votes they received:

  1. Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII (17 votes: 8.5%)
  2. Yuna from Final Fantasy X (13 votes: 6.5%)
  3. Tifa from Final Fantasy VII (9 votes: 4.5%)
  4. Serah from Final Fantasy XIII (8 votes: 4%)
  5. Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII (6 votes: 3%)

The survey asked respondents for the reasons for their votes. The male college students liked Lightning for her "tsundere-ish" tendencies and "dignified personality." Yuna was a favorite because of her "purity" and "cute" appearance. Those who liked Tifa appreciated her "lovely appearance" and wanted to go with her to a picturesque location.

Final Fantasy VII's Aerith did not make the list, but one student liked her "simple cuteness and personality." Another student liked the costume of Tina (Terra) from Final Fantasy VI and said "I want to walk in Kyoto" with her. Other students' choices included Final Fantasy XIII's Rebro and Final Fantasy V's Rena.

Of all the selected characters, 19% were from Final Fantasy XIII, 8% were from Final Fantasy X, and 6.5% were from Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy game developer Square Enix posted the results in 2013 of a poll that asked fans who their favorite female character from the franchise was. Lightning also topped that poll, followed by Aerith at #2 and Yuna at #3.

Source: Niconico News via Hachima Kikō

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