White Fox Animates Commercials for Sakura Internet's 20th Anniversary

posted on 2017-01-26 00:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge

The Internet service provider Sakura Internet is celebrating its 20 year anniversary with the help of animators at White Fox. The animation studio produced a three-minute "Sakura Internet Shinsei" (Sakura Internet Rebirth) anime representing the company's theme of "Changing what 'I want to do' to 'what I can do.'"

The anime stars three characters. Kōhei Tōno (voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki) is a frustrated musician who works part-time doing various odd jobs. Ginji Ōtomo (Shintarō Asanuma) works for a company that designs tools for corporations, but he really wanted to work in entertainment. Ōtomo finds his enthusiasm for his work disappearing. Finally, Saori Hamada (Inori Minase) didn't know what she wanted to do after graduating from university, so she settled into an administrative position at a stationary company. She dislikes how mechanical she feels at work.

The episode is the first of four. Atsushi Itagaki directed the episode and came up with the original plan. He is also a key animator and chief animation director for the anime. Yūichirō Momose is credited with the original story concept. NOB-C drafted the character designs. Lego Big Morl performs the theme song "One More Time."

Other staff members include:

  • In-betweens: W-FOX Itō Kōgen Studio
  • In-between check: Aya Takada
  • Color setting: Terumi Nakauchi
  • Special Effects: Setsuko Tamai
  • Art: Junichi Higashi
  • Backgrounds: Studio Easter
  • Photography: animocaramel
  • 2D Design Works: Masayoshi Iwata
  • Editing: Yoshiaki Kimura (IMAGICA)
  • Sound Production: Hiroki Urakari (HALF H・P STUDIO)
  • Sound Effects: Hiroki Nozaki (Chura Sound)
  • Recording: Junpei Fujiwara (Procen Studio)
  • Sound Development: HALF H・P STUDIO
  • Producer: Gaku Iwasa

The anime's theme is "challenge."

Sources: MoCa News, Animate Times

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