Hunter × Hunter Creator Tops Fan Poll of Manga Artists With Too Many Breaks

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Some manga artists, such as One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda, are known for their tireless work ethic and steady serialization of their work. Others creators are notorious for having frequent hiatuses. The Goo Ranking website posted the results on Wednesday of a poll asking fans about the latter group.

The poll asked fans which manga creators take too many breaks, and the website collected responses from December 13 to December 27. A total of 3,638 people responded to the poll.

The "winner" of the poll comes as no surprise because Yoshihiro Togashi's Hunter X Hunter manga has had regular hiatuses since it debuted in 1998. The series has been on hiatus more than in publication since 2006. Togashi is so renowned for his extended breaks that fans created the term "Togashi Disease" to describe a perceived condition that affects some manga creators who put their works on long hiatuses.

Here are the full results of the poll:

Rank Creator Manga # of Votes
1 Yoshihiro Togashi Hunter X Hunter 1,845
2 Suzue Miuchi Glass Mask 302
3 Katsura Hoshino D.Gray-man 118
4 Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Neon Genesis Evangelion 108
5 Hisashi Eguchi Stop! Hibari-kun 100
6 Kazushi Hagiwara Bastard!! 98
7 Daisuke Ashihara World Trigger 97
8 Mamoru Nagano The Five Star Stories 81
9 Takehiko Inoue Vagabond 80
10 Kentarou Miura Berserk 71
11 Kiyohiko Azuma Yotsuba&! 66
12 Masami Kurumada Saint Seiya: Next Dimension - The Myth of Hades 65
13 Zekkyō Toradora! 46
14 Ume Aoki Hidamari Sketch 39
15 Rei Hiroe Black Lagoon 37
16 Yoshiki Takaya Bio-Booster Armor Guyver 33
17 Norio Sakurai Mitsudomoe 32
17 Barasui Strawberry Marshmallow 32
19 Minene Sakurano Mamotte Shugogetten! 31
19 Kouta Hirano Drifters 31
21 Kei Toume Yesterday o Utatte 30
22 Hitoshi Iwaaki Historie 25
23 Yasuaki Kita Kenka Shōbai 22
24 Makoto Yukimura Vinland Saga 21
25 Others N/A 228

Hisashi Eguchi (Stop! Hibari-kun), who ranked #5 on the list, said last year that he was responsible for Togashi's frequent breaks. Eguchi said, "I taught him it was all right to be lazy. Togashi looked at me and [kept taking hiatuses]. It's my accomplishment... I'm the one who said you don't have to draw weekly."

However, the official reason for the Hunter X Hunter manga's extended hiatuses is Togashi's chronic lower back pain. Fans created charts and graphs that detail the series' breaks since 1998. Due to the infrequent serialization, some bookstores decided to sell the first 32 volumes as a "finished" complete set in 2015. Shueisha released the 33rd compiled book volume in Japan on June 3.

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