Japan Debuts World's 1st 'Sushi Kit Kat' Confections

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Chef opts for sweet over fishy

Japan's bevy of unique Kit Kat flavors are well known. Last year, Nestlé debuted Japan-exclusive sake-flavored Kit Kats and they were quickly snatched up.

Nestlé is expanding out beyond alcohol into sushi, although these confections aren't actually fish-flavored. Rice is substituted with puffed rice carefully molded into the correct shape and covered in white chocolate and then topped with raspberry, Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese, and pumpkin pudding flavor Kit Kats. Each version is meant to imitate the appearance of popular nigiri sushi, in this case tuna (maguro), sea urchin (uni), and egg (tamago). The sushi also have a hint of wasabi flavoring for that extra spicy bite.

The chocolates are part of a promotion to celebrate the opening of Japan's first Kit Kat Chocolatory standalone store in Tokyo's ritzy Ginza district. Patissier chef Takagi Yasumasa is overseeing the location which opens its doors on Thursday. The shop is running a limited promotional campaign from February 2-14. The first 500 customers to spend over 3,000 yen will receive three bars of the world's first sushi Kit Kats.

The shop will roll out other services in the coming months, including a menu to create your own Kit Kats and other sweets created from the chocolate bars.

Source: PR Times via Tokyo Otaku Mode

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