Akihabara Maid Gym Will Add Fanservice to Your Workout

posted on by Eric Stimson
Pump weights with help from a kind maid

Are you struggling to keep up with your New Year's resolutions to shed a few kilos? Does going to the gym fill you with dread and anxiety? Does your stomach heave at the thought of all those sweaty socks and muscled beefcakes that could pummel you in a heartbeat? The Maid Gym Project understands these concerns, and is crowdfunding for a gym that alleviates these concerns by providing a safe, comforting space where members are trained by otakus' favorite assistants: maids!

As the project team explains, the gym will fight against the notion that gyms are "strenuous, scary, and not fun" by giving members someone they can bond with and feel more comfortable around. Maids will make everyone feel at home, including women and older patrons. The maids here will not conform to the standard moe code, but be more like "gentle, classical maids," and with individual personalities. They may also hire a butler if there is enough interest. The gym will focus on weight training and be located in Akihabara, Tokyo.

The Maid Gym Project is crowdfunding via Campfire and has already raised 866,000 yen ($7,680) from 46 patrons, which is more than its goal; it will run until February 25. Prizes for contributing include a training info PDF, training tickets, towels, and a one-week dining course sent by e-mail or LINE. A 50-minute training session will cost 7,500 yen ($66.50); a ticket for ten sessions will cost 68,000 yen ($603). The 10,000 yen ($89) membership fee will be waived if you donate to the crowdfunding (5,500 yen/$49 or more). The project team writes that "your daily life will become brighter, healthier, and more wonderful" from training in this "original environment."

If you're interested in other unique maid activities in Tokyo, there are Russian maids waiting to serve you in Waseda.

Sources: Campfire and Kai-You

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