Sumire Uesaka to Go Strawberry-Picking with Her Fan Club

posted on 2017-02-19 17:45 EST by Eric Stimson
Barbecue, discussion, photography also on schedule

Voice actress Sumire Uesaka (Sanae in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!, Nonna and Piyotan in Girls und Panzer, Serika in Chaos;Child) is giving the members of her fan club, Kolkhoz no Tamanegibatake ("Kolkhoz Onion Field"), a chance to do some field work with the actress herself. It's not picking onions, though, but something a little sweeter: strawberries!

Uesaka will go on a bus tour on April 16 to Misaka Farm Grape House, an orchard and vineyard in the mountains of Yamanashi Prefecture west of Tokyo. Fans will meet at Tokyo Station at 9 AM, then head to the farm for a barbeque. The barbeque will be followed by a photo session, a discussion with Uesaka, and a raffle before everyone heads to the fields to pick strawberries. The bus returns to Tokyo at 4.

Only members of Uesaka's fan club are allowed to enter, and only 120 can come; they can apply here (Japanese only) by February 28. Winners are chosen by lottery, with the results to be announced on March 3. The tour fee (19,000 yen/$168) must be paid by March 10.

Uesaka is known for her fondness for Russia and the former Soviet Union, hence the fan club's name (kolkhozy were Soviet collective farms). Her trip to Russia in 2013 subtly changed her perception of the country and inspired her to contribute an essay for a book on pacifism to explain her views.

The cast of Yowamushi Pedal also invited fans on a bus tour in the mountains west of Tokyo.

Source: Uesaka Sumire KolTama Bus Tour in Yamanashi official website; Image from Misaka Nōen Grape House

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