Granblue Fantasy Lottery Campaign Has Some Strange Grand Prizes on Offer

posted on by Eric Stimson
Boiled fish paste tube on a solid gold stick, anyone?

The smartphone RPG Granblue Fantasy is nearing its third birthday, and to celebrate, Cygames is rewarding its players with a lottery campaign. This might seem like a typical event, but what's drawing attention to this particular campaign is the decided quirkiness of some of the prizes on offer. The lucky grand prize winner will receive a whopping 10 million yen ($87,680) in cash... or he or she could choose from a catalog of gifts worth that much.

A chikuwa (tube of boiled fish paste) wrapped on a solid gold bar (note that chikuwa are common snacks in Japan)

A really good massage (it'll "make you feel like a Salisbury steak")

A season's pass (101 days and 100 nights) at a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) in the seaside resort town of Atami

Diamond-studded pajamas ("the most effective anti-theft strategem")

A tractor for a date ("It'll make beauties turn their heads!")

A cabin cruiser ("You won't regret it even if you can't navigate it!")

A romantic home theater

Wine earmarked for celebrities

Giant tuna from Ōma (enough for 100 days)

12 million Granblue Fantasy crystals (which allow you to get new characters, weapons, and summons)

A real solid gold brick (a rare in-game item)

A car decorated with Granblue characters

Life-size statues of these four Granblue characters

A replica of the Luminiera Sword Omega

But that's not all! The lottery will have a total of 52,354 winners. While most of these will simply receive Crystals, five winners will get a million yen ($8,768) in cash, and 50 winners will get 100,000 yen ($877) in cash. Four winners each will win a week-long stay in the Maldives or Hawai'i. Ten winners can get more normal but still impressive prizes, like a gourmet dinner, a robot vacuum, or a folding bicycle. There are also a bevy of in-game prizes available. The campaign lasts until the end of March; to participate, you must have a Granblue Fantasy account. The campaign can be accessed after the log-in menu.

If you think these prizes are strange, maybe you'll be interested in the beekeeper suit Monster Hunter XX is offering as a prize for its current Twitter campaign.

Source: Granblue Fantasy official campaign website

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