Spirited Away's No-Face Bank Wants to Eat Your Money

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
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Spirited Away's No-Face is known for chowing down on every edible item that passes his way. He offers gold in return to those who bring him food. The character will soon combine those two behaviors and gobble people's coins for safe-keeping.

Benelic's Donguri Kyōwakoku (Acorn Republic) stores, which mainly sell items inspire by Studio Ghibli's films, are offering a "Spirited Away No-Face Munching Bank." When about 30 grams (about one ounce) of coins are placed on the bank's dish, No-Face says "Ah." Then music plays, No-Face tips the dish to his mouth, and he eats the coins. After the metallic meal, the bank burps.

The bank costs 4,800 yen (about US$42), and it is slated to go on regular sale on May 20. The chain's online shop began accepting preorders on Friday, but ordering is temporarily suspended due to identity theft that resulted in fraudulent orders on the website.

Donguri Kyōwakoku offers a myriad of other No-Face and Spirited Away merchandise.

No-Face appeared in real life as a shamisen player last June. MythBusters' Adam Savage also cosplayed as the popular character in 2011.

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