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Creators Discuss Fūka Anime's Major Story Change

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Spoilers, ahoy!

Note: This article contains major spoilers for the Fūka manga and anime.

In the tenth episode of the Fūka anime, which first aired in Japan on March 10, the main character narrowly escapes being hit by a truck. In the original story, however, the truck hits Fūka and she dies in the fourth manga volume. This change shocked many fans, and the anime's official website posted the staff's official comments on the unexpected difference on Monday. Original manga creator Kouji Seo said:
The feeling that I myself wanted to see Fūka Akitsuki living is the number one reason. In the original work, Fūka leaves so that Yū goes forward with his band activities and grows. I don't think that that choice was a mistake at all, but I received thoughts from readers that 'It's sad that Fūka dies.' So, if they were going all out to make the anime, I was vaguely thinking about if there could be a development where Fūka lives. At that time, the anime producer said, "I want to do a story where Fūka Akitsuki lives," and it was certainly a godsend.

Kodansha's Kensuke Tateishi served as producer for the anime. He and director Keizou Kusakawa also shared their thoughts about the change on the anime's official website. Tateishi said, "When Fūka Akitsuki died in the original, I thought, 'Ah, we have to make an anime of this.' The number one reason is that I came to desperately want to see a story where Fūka Akitsuki lives."

Kusakawa said, "To be completely honest, I thought changing the original work would be bad and cause fans and viewers to reject [the anime]." However, the director noted that when the staff decided to make the anime adaptation only the sixth volume of the manga had been released. He thought it would be impossible for the 12-episode series to end with Fūka dead, and he started to explore the idea of her survival.

This year's 15th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine, which shipped on March 15, features a full interview with Seo that focuses on the change in Fūka's fate. Seo said that he thought it was necessary for Fūka to die in the manga in order for Yū to grow and devote himself in earnest to his band. Because Fūka is a band manga, he thought that was the proper decision.

Seo admitted that the decision to let Fūka live was half the result of his "selfish" desire. The rest of the reasoning was a response to the fans' reactions and the anime producer's thoughts. Seo also noted that he wanted the change to provide a pleasant surprise for viewers rather than give them a shock. He said that if Fūka died in such a short 12-episode anime, "that way of ending would not give a good feeling." Seo added that he has enjoyed watching the anime, and he eagerly anticipates every episode.

The anime premiered on January 6, and Crunchyroll is streaming the series as it airs. The 11th episode premiered on Friday.

Source: Comic Natalie

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