New Rei Figure Shows Evangelion Pilot's Sexier Side

posted on by Eric Stimson
Based on Shun'ya Yamashita illustration

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Neon Genesis Evangelion's enigmatic Rei has been the subject of reinterpretations over the years, from subtle changes like her openness to Shinji in the manga version to drastic rewrites like the more energetic version depicted in Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days. Her sex appeal often gets emphasized as well, and that's what illustrator Shun'ya Yamashita and sculptor Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (who also goes by REFLECT) are going for with this new figure of Rei sold by toymaker Flare.

The figure is based on these illustrations of Rei by Yamashita.

If customers buy the figure at the Evangelion Store, they can get two bonuses: a card featuring the above illustration, and a different face to let Rei make her famous smile.

The figure is about 24 cm (9.5 in) tall and costs 11,800 yen ($106). It will be released in October. Rei has been sculpted into sexy figures before, including cat-like and Chinese dress variations.

Sources: Dengeki Hobby Web and Evangelion Store

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