ANiUTa President Comments on Decline of Anime & Anime Music Industries

posted on by Amanda Whalen

Several record companies dealing with anime songs have recently come together to form the new anime music company ANiUTa. Newly chosen representative director and company president Shiro Sasaki said of the anime music industry, “The system itself is plateauing and is no longer profitable.”

Sasaki explained, "To say it plainly, we formed this company in order to make anime's future sustainable...Thinking of the anime industry in general, new anime are broadcast, but the system of recouping all costs with Blu-ray and DVD sales is plateauing a little as well and becoming less profitable. Since anime music is first of all an anime-related product, it's only natural that it would follow the same declining trend." text

He believes that this is being caused by, “The change in the perception of anime equaling otaku…and young people continuing to become 'light users.'” These so-called 'light users' are people who like anime and may buy goods or go to events but won't necessarily buy the Blu-rays, DVDs, or music CDs.

Sasaki believes that especially with such mainstream hits like your name., the perception of anime being only for die-hard otaku is changing, and that it's important for the anime industry to forge an easier path for more casual 'light users' to gain an interest in anime. Sasaki said, “If young people don't continue to become fans, it will cause the industry to gradually shrink.” He also noted that it is important to cater to the needs of international anime fans.

Source: Asahi Shimbun via Otakomu

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