Adult Game Developer Offers VR Wedding with 2D Character at Actual Wedding Chapel

posted on by Amanda Whalen

The adult game developer hibiki works will be helping one lucky otaku have the wedding of their dreams with a 2D anime waifu.

The company announced a lottery event to win a VR wedding featuring characters from their upcoming game New Wife: Lovely x Cation, which will be released on April 28. Fans can enter by filling out and mailing in the postcards included with copies of the new game.

The winner will be able to undergo a marriage ceremony with one of the characters from the upcoming game at an actual wedding chapel in Tokyo's 23rd ward. They will be able to change into a wedding tuxedo and will be equipped with a special VR headset, which will bring their blushing bride to life with the character animation tool "VR Emote."


The ceremony itself will include an actual priest and last about 5 minutes. Participants will not be able to take any photos or video or audio recordings.

Entries will accepted from April 28 to May 28, and the winner will be notified by June 3. The wedding event will take place on Friday, June 30.

Source: 0takomu

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