"Magic Mirror" in Shibuya Compliments Women Using Voice of Toshiki Masuda

posted on by Amanda Whalen

The Japanese company Nissui has put up a "Magic Voice Mirror" in Shibuya as part of a campaign for a new line of soy milk cookies. Women can stand in front of the mirror and hear various compliments about their appearance from seiyu Toshiki Masuda. Directional speakers are used to make it sound like he is, "whispering sweetly into your ear."

Toshiki Masuda is the voice of Mikado Sekimura in B-PROJECT, Chikara Ennoshita in Haikyu!!, Eijirō Kirishima in My Hero Academia, Masayoshi Hazama in Samurai Flamenco, and several other characters.

Compliments include, "You have a nice smile. I want you to smile for me more," "You have a voice like an angel," and, "Wow, you're thin! Are you a model?" and so on.

The mirror will be open to the public in the 1st floor entrance area of the Shibuya MODI building on Saturday, April 22 from 11 AM to 6 PM.


Nissui apparently designed the mirror after conducting a survey among 500 women from their 20's to 50's about whether they feel prettier when complimented and what kinds of compliments they like to receive. 84% of the women surveyed said that they felt prettier after receiving a compliment, and 76% said that they most liked to receive compliments about their eyes. 38% of the women liked to be complimented on their hands, 37% on their legs, and 23% on their mouths.

Source: Nijimen

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