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Pretend You're a Pokemon Master with Poke Balls on Your Belt

posted on by Eric Stimson
They function as mint cases

Anime News Network's merchandise coverage sponsored by Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Any child of the '90s — and many to this day — probably had visions of wandering around with Poke Balls strapped to their belt, ready to face off any challenger by releasing their most-trusted Pokemon dramatically from one of them. You can now indulge these dreams thanks to Premium Bandai, and with different varieties of Poke Ball too.

The first set, which is available in August, promotes the upcoming film Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! It includes the Poke Ball Ash (Satoshi) keeps Pikachu in as well as the Premier Ball, which was chosen by a fan survey. A set of 10 Poke Balls costs 5,400 yen ($49.50), although there are only six different varieties.

The second set gives you more options. Available in September, it includes the standard Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Master Ball, Quick Ball, Dusk Ball, Timer Ball, Heal Ball, Dive Ball, Luxury Ball and Premier Ball. The complete set costs 7,020 yen ($64).

Each ball contains ten mint tablets, so if you're worried about embarrassment you can always claim they're just mint cases to keep your breath fresh. Just be careful if you choose to throw your balls around!

Both sets of Poke Ball are available on Premium Bandai (see here for the I Choose You! set and here for the larger collection. Alternatively, you could choose to get these subdermal implants and Poke Ball tattoos on your arm to simulate the experience...

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! premieres on July 15. It will be a retelling — with some changes — of the first episode of the anime series.

[Via Nijimen]

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