Former Nogizaka46 Idol Seen with Record Label Executive

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The Japanese singer and model Nanami Hashimoto (24), who retired from the popular idol group Nogizaka46 in October 2016, has been seen meeting clandestinely with Shunsuke Muramatsu (53), a company director and executive vice president at large record company Sony Music Entertainment.

Until the end of the Japanese fiscal year in March 2017, Muramatsu was working as the president of Sony Music Labels, which managed the Nogizaka46 group, and North River, a company associated with the talent agency AKS, known for managing AKB48 and SKE48.

When asked by a reporter at Shunbun Bunshun why he has been meeting retired idol Nanami Hashimoto, Muramatsu said, "After retiring from [Nogizaka46], she wants to work behind-the-scenes in the music industry." He firmly denied meeting her on private property, although he has allegedly been seen multiple times inside Hashimoto's private apartment.


Nogizaka46, which is managed by Sony Music Entertainment, was established as an "official rival" group to AKB48. In the past Nogizaka46 has created promotional videos for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part 3: Rebellion film, sang the theme song for the anime film The Anthem of the Heart, and acted in 2 stage play versions of Kôji Kumeta and Yasu's Joshiraku manga about female rakugo storytellers.

Source: Yahoo! Japan via Yaraon

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