This Summer's New Swimming Anime Will Get Female Fans Thirsty

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Kyoto Animation's Free! anime series and films have been nothing short of a phenomenon, ushering in a more blatant focus on female audiences' interest in sports anime. Sports anime has always been popular with women viewers, but Free! reignited series made with that audience in mind instead of as an after thought. As soon as everyone finally settled on which Iwatobi Swim Club member was their boyfriend, Haikyu! brought drama to the volleyball court, Prince of Stride: Alternative invented a whole new sport combining parkour and track, and All Out! showed what kind of assets rugby has on the field.

It's been a non-stop ride for fans of the genre. Now, Noitamina is bringing us back to the pool again for the anime adaptation of Eto Mori's DIVE!! novels. The series' official website is showing the artwork for fold out posters in Animage, Newtype, and Animedia magazines and there looks to be a lot of Speedos heading our way.

The images depict the show's three main characters Tomoki Sakai (voiced by Yuuki Kaji), Yōichi Fujitani, and Shibuki Okitsu. The full lead cast will be announced on May 5.

The series revolves around the Mizuki Diving Club (MDC), which is on the verge of closing down after having financial troubles. The club's new coach persuades the club's parent company to stay open on one condition: that the club sends one of its members to next year's olympics as part of Japan's olympic team.

Kaoru Suzuki (Pupipō!, episode director for Hellsing TV, Battery the Animation, Inuyasha) is directing the series at ZERO-G. Suzuhito Yasuda (Yozakura Quartet manga creator, character designer for Durarara!!, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) is handling the original character design, and Touko Machida (Lucky Star, Endride, Wake Up, Girls!) is overseeing the scripts.

Do you have room in your heart for more swimming boys?

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