Nobunaga Shimazaki Cosplays as His Fate/Grand Order Character, Edmond

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Part of promotion for upcoming Fate/Extra CCC crossover event

Viewers of Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Radio Station, a weekly radio show hosted by Fate/Grand Order voice actresses Rie Takahashi (Mash Kyrielight) and Minami Tanaka (Nitocris), were in for a special treat during a special Nico Nico livestream on April 26: Nobunaga Shimazaki dressed up as his character Edmond Dantes, and in his detective garb from a White Day promotion this year. (White Day is a Japanese holiday on March 14 that calls for men to gift chocolate to important women in their lives.)

Shimazaki revealed that he had paid for the cosplay himself and thanked his stylist for putting up with his annoying requests.

The video stream promoted an upcoming crossover between Fate/Grand Order and another Fate RPG, Fate/Extra CCC. Fate/GO players will get to use BB from Extra CCC and can enjoy a scenario described as the largest in scale yet; it will be written by Kinoko Nasu, Fate/stay night's original writer. Other Fate/Extra CCC characters — Meltlilith, Passionlip and Suzuka Gozen (Saber) — can also be summoned during the event. It will only be available for play by Masters who have finished the main quest and will last from May 1 to May 17.

Shimazaki also cosplayed as another of his characters, Arjuna, in the February 22 Chaldea Radio Station stream, and likewise chose a costume from a promotional event, although that time it was for Valentine's Day. Fate/Grand Order is slated for an American release this summer with the original cast intact.

Shimazaki isn't the only voice actor from Fate/Grand Order to have a bit of fun with the characters he voices.

[Via Nijimen (2) and Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Radio Station]

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