Craft Boss Coffee Commercial Draws on your name. for Inspiration

posted on by Eric Stimson
Stars Ryō Narita (Tessie)

One of the main themes of last year's hit anime film your name. is the wide gulf between Japan's countryside — simple, friendly, traditional — and its bustling metropolises — crowded, anonymous, modern. Although Mitsuha clearly yearns for the urban life, it can be overwhelming for many rural migrants, especially those unfamiliar with urban customs or those with thick accents. Ryō Narita, who plays Katsuhiko (Tessie) in your name, draws on these issues in his performance in a new live-action commercial for Suntory's Craft Boss Coffee.

The commercial begins with Narita taking a call from his mom, who asks when he's coming home. He says he isn't because of work. But he skips work too, wandering the streets aimlessly and ignoring messages from a coworker pestering him about a wrap-up party. It's a long, slow commercial that hinges more on the sense of alienation and uncertainty Narita feels than on explicit dialogue and action. While Narita isn't necessarily playing Tessie here, the commercial admits it's inspired by your name — the camera seems especially interested in the sky and Shinjuku's skyline, and the RADWIMPS song "Nan Demo Nai Ya" ("It's Nothing") from the film is heard in the background.

The commercial is subtitled "Tokyo Chapter," suggesting further installments to come. Boss Coffee has also partnered with Metal Gear Solid V to offer fans Big Boss Coffee. American actor Tommy Lee Jones has appeared in Boss Coffee commercials since 2006.

Source: Animate Times

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