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Poll Breaks Down Best Anime Swimsuit Episodes for the Summer Heat

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Last week we looked at which hot spring episodes brought the best fanservice. This week we'll look at its fanservice cousin: the beach/pool episode. Which examples of this series staple are the best or otherwise feature the best swimsuits? Poll participants at d anime store weighed in.

Men's Top 10 Swimsuit Episodes

  1. Sword Art Online: Extra Edition
  2. Infinite Stratos episode 9
  3. Amagami SS episodes 13-16
  4. Hyōka episode 11.5
  5. A Certain Scientific Railgun episode 13
  6. Is the order a rabbit? episode 8
  7. Amagi Brilliant Park episodes 3,7
  8. Gun x Sword episode 17
  9. School-Live! episode 9
  10. The [email protected] episode 5

Women's Top 10 Swimsuit Episodes

  1. Free & Free Eternal Summer (all episodes)
  2. Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru episode 7
  3. Utano☆Princesama Revolutions episode 2
  4. Ouran High School Host Club episode 8
  5. Sword Art Online: Extra Edition
  6. Love Live episode 10
  7. B-Project episode 8
  8. Yuri on Ice episode 10
  9. Another episode 8
  10. Kiss Him, Not Me episode 9

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