Tokyo Ghoul Cafe Menu is Horrifying

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The Tokyo Ghoul manga, anime, and upcoming live-action film certainly aren't short on the gore factor. One would expect as much about a story featuring human-eating monsters. Ikebukuro's Parco cafe is bringing a similar experience to its patrons with horror-inspired food items like a bloody Salisbury steak with a side of dismembered fingers.

All that protein can work up a thirst, so the cafe is offering an "RC cell drink". The "cells" in this case, are tapioca while the "blood" in a separate container is syrup meant to be poured into the drink.

Other meal options include:

Kaneki's Eye Curry. Customers that order this meal can also try on Kaneki's mask at the cafe and the staff will take their picture using their cellphone or camera.

Patrons that want a surprise can order the "Do you really eat this...? burger." It's served in a taped, brown paper bag. What's it look like? Is it beef or something else? The burger is play on a scene where Kaneki entrusts Yoshimura to feed him for the first time. The meal also comes with potatoes and a salad.

Udon noodles topped with fried noodles. This is, comparatively, a normal meal that was featured in the manga. Kōtarō Amon is shown eating it after work.

The "Unpalatable Sandwich" is by all appearances a normal egg salad sandwich. Something a true ghoul would never eat. That might be why customers can only order it in addition to another meal or dessert.

Shū Tsukiyama's eyeball mousse is a blend of sweet and sour. The cheese mousse is based on a meal the ghoul was seen eating in the series.

Kaneki coffee bean toast. Coffee is one of the few normal things a ghoul can consume that isn't revolting. Combine the bitterness with toast and you have a dessert that isn't completely horrifying.

Suzuya's parfait. A fan of sweet treats, this parfait is perfectly suited for the ghoul investigator.

Uta's snack jelly. A coffee jelly dessert that comes with a side of syrup to pour over it.

The cafe will also serve three specialty drinks in addition to the previously shown RC cell drink. Customers can order a cat cafe latte, Tōka's jelly drink, and Kureo's black sesame jelly smoothie. An original sticker is included with every drink order and a placemat is included with food orders. The cafe will also have tie-in T-shirts available for purchase.

The Tokyo Ghoul collaboration cafe will start on May 27 and run until June 28. A costume exhibition from the film will also be held starting on May 31 to June 28.

Tokyo Ghoul previously inspired a cafe menu in 2015, albeit a cuter one.

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