Kunihiko Ikuhara, Kotono Mitsuishi Attend Sailor Moon R Film Screening in July

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An upcoming screening of Sailor Moon R: The Movie in Ginza will have two very special guests. Director Kunihiko Ikuhara, of Revolutionary Girl Utena, Penguindrum, and Yurikuma Arashi fame will attend the event with Usagi Tsukino voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi on July 1. The screening is part of what has become annual celebrations in honor of Usagi's birthday on June 30. An earlier screening will take place on that day with Mitsuishi and a "special guest."

The June 30 event will show the two-episode premiere of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal: Season III and the high-definition remaster of Sailor Moon R: The Movie. The July 1 event will only screen the film. Guests at both events will receive a poster and clear file set. The staff are encouraging the audience to participate during the film and cosplay is also allowed so long as it doesn't obstruct anyone's view of the screen.

Both screenings will take place at the Marunouchi Toei theater.

Tickets for the first night are 4,000 yen (US$36) and tickets for the second night are 3,500 yen (US$31). Tickets first open to Pretty Guardian fanclub members via lottery on May 31 to June 4 with winners announced on June 6. Priority lottery tickets will then open on Ticket Pia on June 10 until June 15 with winners announced on June 16. General admission tickets will then be sold on June 17.

Viz Media licensed and screened Sailor Moon R: The Movie in over 300 theaters in the United States in January and released the film on Blu-ray and DVD in April. The film originally opened in Japan in 1993. Geneon Entertainment previously released the film on VHS and DVD between 1999-2004. The "Make Up! Sailor Guardians" anime short also premiered in 1993.

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