Love Live! Sunshine!! Mini-Unit Guilty Kiss' 2nd Single Gets Preview Video

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Love Live! Sunshine!! sub-idol group Guilty Kiss is bringing the drama for their new single "Koware ya Suki" which also includes the track "Shadow gate to love". Lantis is hosting a preview of the single that is slated for release on June 21.

"Koware Yasuki" is Guilty Kiss' second single. It includes both tracks, two off-vocal versions, and a drama track titled "Jū-ban Shōbu❤Numazu Yamaya no Jin".

Guilty Kiss is comprised of characters Riko Sakurauchi (Rikako Aida), Yoshiko Tsushima (Aika Kobayashi), and Mari Ohara (Aina Suzuki). Their first single "Strawberry Trapper" was released in June 2016.

"HAPPY PARTY TRAIN," the ninth single from the Love Live! Sunshine!! franchise's nine-girl idol group Aqours, sold 55,000 copies to rank #2 on Oricon's CD single chart for the April 3-9 week. The single is also the group's ninth in a row to reach the top 5 in Oricon's weekly ranking charts, beginning with the "Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?."

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