Kouichi Yamadera's 'Date' Picture Leads Voice Actor Twitter Trend

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Multi-talented voice actor Kouichi Yamadera, also known as "the man with the seven-colored voice," is currently trending on Twitter. He got a huge response after tweeting the following on Wednesday.

In the tweet, Yamadera says of the picture of himself, "You can use this as 'On a date with my boyfriend.'" The tweet apparently bewildered fellow voice actress and Yamadera's wife Rie Tanaka. She responded to his post with one emoticon: (^o^).

Although Yamadera posted the tweet without explanation or context, his fellow voice actors immediately responded en masse. Here are some of their tweets:

Megumi Ogata
Jouji Nakata
Shugo Nakamura
Ryota Takeuchi
Takuya Eguchi's Iyashi Daiō character
Daiki Yamashita

Where did this all start? Yamadera was apparently parodying a series of tweets by idol Rin Kaname. In an ongoing series of tweets, Kaname posts pictures of herself in a variety of locations while she is apparently with her boyfriend. For example, she has posted such photographs of herself at a yakiniku restaurant, hotel, buffet, game center, and on a trip.

After becoming a sensation on Twitter, Yamadera tweeted an explanation. He said that Ciao Bella Cinquetti musical group leader Robin Shōko Okada told him that the trend was popular with idols and young people in cars. (Yamadera hosts "The Bayline" radio program with Odaka on Wednesdays.) He posted the tweet as an experiment. Yamadera said, "I'm perplexed by the overwhelming reaction." He also said that social media is amazing and added that his wife momentarily suspected an affair.

Japanese companies are also getting in on the fun:

Japan's release of the Deadpool film
Koikeya snack company

Yamadera is a popular voice actor who has been making waves for years. He got a unexpectedly strong response from voice actor Shuuichi Ikeda when they were recording Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. After an off-handed comment, Ikeda called Yamadera an idiot, but a round of drinking helped make amends between the two.

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