Cowboy Bebop's Spike Appears in Sally Forth Newspaper Comic

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Hilary Forth is hardly the first preteen to dream about Cowboy Bebop's smooth protagonist Spike Spiegel. That's exactly what happened in the latest Sally Forth comic strip by Francesco Marciulano and Jim Keefe. Hilary is in the midst of an anxiety-ridden dream where she's likely to fail her English test since it's about advanced mathematics and she left her historical headgear at home. She wakes up, only to find Spike Spiegel sitting at a desk next to her bed. He reprimands her for sleeping in class.

The strip appeared in newspapers on Sunday.

Sally Forth was originally penned by Greg Howard when it launched in newspapers in 1982 but he has since left the ongoing strip. It's been a good week for anime cameos. The figure-skaters from MAPPA and Sayo Yamamoto's Yuri!!! on Ice anime series appeared in the Steven Universe #4 comic by author Melanie Gillman and illustrator Katy Farina released on Wednesday.

[Via KujiKawaii]

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